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April 11th, 2013 cmcurr11

When I was at Holy Cross, I used to start a countdown when I returned from Thanksgiving and Easter Breaks. Typically, I had 19 days left between those breaks and the end of the respective semesters. Those 19 days were typically filled with study periods, deadlines, and exams, so my breaks were always a re-charging session.

I just returned from a brief visit back home, and that’s exactly what the past eight days at home were. I didn’t look at any of the books I brought (which, in hindsight, is probably an error). Instead, I just focused on hanging out with family, friends, and the pooch. So here’s my countdown now:

-59 days until I hand in my dissertation. In these 59 days, I will also have the Varsity ballroom competition against Cambridge, a conference in Dublin, a friend visiting for a week, and still working at Fishers. Yikes.

-98 days until I fly to Boston

-102 days until Cape Cod.

So, here we go!

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