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March 15th, 2013 cmcurr11

Two years ago, I sat with Cecilia, the Junior Co-Chair of HCBDT, in the Science Cafe (which was brand new at the time) to talk about the future of the club, where we wanted it to go, etc. I felt my BlackBerry (affectionately called PurpleBerry by friends and family) vibrate, and I saw an email from Oxford University. I knew what it was – the decision letter regarding my MPhil application. I debated about whether or not to open it, and then Cecilia just told me to do it. So, I inhaled and then opened it. I only read, ‘We are delighted to inform you…’ and I just started jumping up and down and up and down (much to the chagrin of several Chemistry students cramming for a very important exam).

Today, I returned home from the library (I’m in the middle of essay season with two articles due on Wednesday) to find an email from Oxford – the result of my DPhil application. Once again, I inhaled and opened it. I’m happy to say that I’ve been accepted to the DPhil program at Oxford (and King’s College, London, as well). I’m extremely happy! I’m just waiting for some other things to settle before making a decision about where I’ll be later on this year. And, yes, I did jump up and down, but just not in front of the Science Library, which was probably much appreciated by this year’s group of Chemistry students. And, now, back to my essays.

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