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February 27th, 2013 cmcurr11

Bonjour! At the moment, I’m typing from Boulogne Sur Mer, where I’ve been studying a manuscript that’s vital to my research for the past day. Kind of a romantic life over here – visiting Rome and France for vital manuscripts. Anyway, I’m about to head into the busiest three weeks of my life. University Circuit Dance Nationals are this weekend (gulp), and Dean and I have made the Latin semi-finals for the past two competitions now, so we’re hoping to finally climb to the top over the weekend. Stay tuned….

I also have my Paleography exam next Thursday *gulp*, and then two articles due in two weeks from then. So…yeah. A bit busy over here, especially when one of my articles is going against most current scholarship in the field (see why I’m in France…for an essay…yeah, stakes are high). But, I’ll be visiting home for the first week of April, and then it’s back to just writing my dissertation. So these next three weeks will definitely be stressful (and I’ll be faked tan out the wazoo), but it’ll all be worth it.

Until then, a bientot!

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