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January 8th, 2013 cmcurr11

Want to know something scary? Then guess what I’m doing right now. Give up? I’m in the final editing stages of my DPhil/PhD applications. Yeah. Kind of scary. That realization hit me when I flew back into England and realized that my Visa expires in October of this year. When I first received the visa, 2013 seemed so far away. And now, here it is. It honestly seems like it was just yesterday that I was applying for my Masters and then heading back for my final semester at Holy Cross.

After quite a stressful term, I had about two weeks to really relax and enjoy some time off. I was home for a week, and then I headed off to Ireland for New Year’s. Both were a very welcome vacation to the term that lies ahead. After I finish and submit these DPhil applications (probably tomorrow. Eeeek), I’m headed back to the grindstone, since, like this term last year, I have two essays and an exam in the end of March. That means that I need to start writing one of those essays now (a handy little tip that I learned from last year!), and finish it up in about six weeks’ time. Everything kind of starts back this week – the studying, the dancing, the working. But, after my two week reprieve, I’m definitely ready to handle the beast that is known as Hilary Term.

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