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Michaelmas Term

November 23rd, 2012 cmcurr11

I once described an Oxford term to a potential study abroad applicant as a finals period every week for eight weeks straight. Well, I can confirm that as a second year graduate student, it’s perhaps a bit worse than that. This term has been manic – between the degree (kiiiiind of important), DPhil applications, grant proposals, the dancing, the part-time job, and the MCR committee, I’ve been quite busy. But the good news is that the degree is going well – I’m now writing my first paper of the year on the differences in the Genesis poem as maintained in Junius 11 and Pal.Lat.1447 (which involved me learning Old Saxon – just another ancient language that no one else speaks…). I’ve also nearly completed my DPhil proposal, which is based heavily on a huge discovery that I made in the Bodleian at the beginning of the week (more on that later. Don’t worry, it’s not a huge discovery; I am not curing cancer or solving the world’s problems). This discovery also means that I might have to go to France to look at another manuscript – you know, it’s tough, but someone has to do it. Right?

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