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November 5th, 2012 cmcurr11

Fifth week just started here – in five weeks, Michaelmas Term will be finished. That’s quite a frightening thought.

This term has been chaotic, to say the least. In addition to my studies, I’m still dancing, a member of the MCR committee, and I’m still a part-time waitress. So, life gets busy really quickly. But, every day, I’m in the Special Collections Reading Room with my manuscripts.

This year’s structure is a bit different from  last year. Right now, I’m enrolled in two tutorials – one in Old English language, and one in Anglo-Saxon Paleography. The Paleography option will continue through next term, in addition to a new course instead of the Old English Language option. In the following term, I just have to write my dissertation. And then…well, I’ll graduate and be a Master of English, I guess!

In order to keep the professor dream going, I’m also in the middle of PhD/DPhil applications. This is bringing back quite a few memories from senior year when I did all of my Masters applications. It’s an exciting time; I’m hoping to stay at Oxford, but we’ll see what other options manifest in the next coming months.

So, until then, I’m off to translate some more!

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