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Five Years

August 25th, 2012 cmcurr11

Five years ago, my family packed up my bags and we headed off to Worcester.

Five years ago, we got stuck in immense traffic coming off of the Cape. And then again right outside of Franklin, MA (I remember this only because we stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts).

Five years ago, I arrived on campus at 1 o’clock, and my family scrambled to move me in and set me up…in three hours.

Five years ago, I attended the Mass of the Holy Spirit with my family, and left without them.

Five years ago, I cried. Hard.

Four years later, on May 27, 2011, I cried again – sobbed, more like it – as I left Holy Cross. Tears seem to serve as the bookends of my collegiate career. I came to Holy Cross not knowing another soul and fearful to leave my family. I left four years later with more friends than I can count and a new family.

So, to the Class of 2016 – welcome to the Crusader family, and may your four years be filled with laughs, tears, late nights, essay crises, football games, basketball games, treks into Boston, and, most importantly, Culpepper’s iced coffee.

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