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Why I Love Holy Cross

April 24th, 2012 cmcurr11

If you haven’t seen this video, you should check it out. It highlights some of the most beloved places on campus with the Crusader mascot dancing with dancing volunteers. It also features my Magis Chaplain, Paul Melley, at 0:46 and the Ballroom Dance Team. But that’s just a side note.

Watching the video and reading all of the Twitter updates from this weekend’s Accepted Student Day brought me back to my own Accepted Student Day back in April of 2007 (I know; I’m such an old fart). At the time, I was still deciding between colleges, and I wasn’t sure if Holy Cross was the place for me yet. I remember when my mom picked me up after spending the weekend at Holy Cross, where I experienced classes, Mass, and the infamous Chicken Parm at Kimball (fun fact: Since it was such terrible weather, I also witnessed the little river that occurs on the side steps of Dinand whenever it pours. Check it out sometime). Mom asked me how my weekend was, and I just responded, ‘Can we send in my deposit now?’ By the Tuesday of that week, I was officially a Crusader of the Class of 2011, and I was absolutely smitten with the College. At that time, I couldn’t fathom being finished with Holy Cross. And yet, here I am, sitting at my laptop in Oxford and taking a break from my dissertation and grant applications. 5 years ago, I was that high school senior who got lost on campus and thought that Holy Cross was so enormous (my friends who went to UGA and Alabama laugh at me when I tell them that). Time really does fly, doesn’t it?

Now, nearly every day, my friends from the Class of 2012 will let me know how they’re feeling about graduating in a mere month. I can’t believe that I was preparing to graduate nearly a year ago. It just seems unreal. Like I was feeling, my friends are sad to leave Holy Cross since it is such a wonderful place. All of them have remarked on the same idea – four years really goes by far too quickly.

I could sit here and wax poetic about why I personally love Holy Cross. But, frankly, if you’ve ever read this blog, I think that’s fairly self explanatory. I love Holy Cross (perhaps obsessed is the best word). I love everything that the College gave to me in my four years there, and continues to give me right now. The friends I made, the professors I met, the life changing experiences that I had on the Hill – everything just adds up to the many reasons why I love Holy Cross.

So, to the Accepted Class of 2016 (I think I just gained a wrinkle after writing that) – enjoy it all. Enjoy the late nights that you spend writing papers; go to all of the sport events that you can. Listen to the Jesuits’ homilies, and go to Culpeppers’ with your friends as many times as possible (once again, Culpeppers has no idea who I am and they do not pay me to advertise. I am just a huge fan). Claim your study spot in Dinand. Find a place on campus and take a photo of that exact spot every single year. You’ll be amazed at how much you grow and change within just four years. For example…



So, take the advice that Dean Freeman gave to my class when we celebrated our commencement – Savor everything as if college were a meal. I wish you all the best of luck.

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