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Sprinting Toward The Finish Line

December 7th, 2011 cmcurr11

I remember finals week at Holy Cross so well. You’d wake up at 7 to get to Kimball for 7:30, race off to Dinand for when they opened, grab your carol, and claim it as your own until whenever necessary. And you’d just type. I personally loved this one carol that was in the PR section on the bottom floor of Dinand. Anyway, we’d all cram everything into our days – whether we had fifteen essays to write or a massive exam the next day. Then, we’d all unwind by going to Midnight Breakfast (because waffles at midnight are always a good idea) or watching movies. Yes, it was a stressful period, but I think some of my best memories happened during Finals Week. The first snow usually fell around this time in the fall semester. It’s difficult to believe that I took this photo nearly four years ago:

This was three years ago:

This was two years ago:

(Okay, so this doesn’t count)

And this was last year:

Long story short – invest in a camera for college, because then you can do cool stuff like this and have nostalgic moments nearly every day.

It’s incredible how quickly it all flew by. At the moment, I feel like I’m in Finals Week mode…with a bit more stress added on top. My essay is due in about a week, and I’m basically spending every day working on it from 9-5. My first term as a graduate student will be over, and I just cannot believe where the time has gone.

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