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Remember this?

September 6th, 2011 cmcurr11

Anyone remember that first news release? A lot has changed since then. The first line of that news release reads, “Decisions, decisions, decisions.” When that release was written, I remember being overwhelmed with all of the opportunities I had at Holy Cross, which ranged from courses options, extracurricular activities, and eateries (I really like food). Now, I get to look back and see how everything just fit together perfectly during my time at Holy Cross, even if I didn’t know it at the time. I remember meeting with Professor Oser during Summer Gateways, and he advised me to take a certain Professor Kee’s First Year Program course since it seemed to target everything that I loved (literature, theology, philosophy, and history). That FYP course introduced me to the Medieval period and Professor Kee, who eventually became my Medieval Studies Advisor. I happened to meet Professor Smith one day while walking through Smith, and we talked about studying abroad at Oxford in the summer after my freshman year. That program made me fall in love with Oxford, so I applied to study there during my junior year. Professor Mulrooney interviewed me in the first semester of sophomore year, and we struck up a conversation about Tolkien. He invited me to apply for one of the last spots in his seminar, which I did. I happened to waltz by (no pun intended) the Ballroom Dance table at the Co-Curricular Extravaganza, and I enjoyed the first lesson. Then I became hooked, and the rest is history. I didn’t know how all of these decisions would guide the course of my four years at Holy Cross (or life, but let’s not get too dramatic), but all of the decisions worked out well. In fact, they worked out so well that the plan with which I entered Holy Cross completely disintegrated, and I found a new plan and a new passion (well, several) that I never knew existed. So, to all of you members of 2015 – have fun making those decisions, whether they work out or not. You never know – that 7:00 a.m. shift at Kimball for which you sign up could very well be the place that you meet one of your best friends.

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  1. Dad says:

    Good thoughts and memories. I really hope you will be able to extricate yourself from HC when you visit and realize you have to leave there on Wednesday!

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