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August 31st, 2011 cmcurr11

Today is the first day of classes at Holy Cross, and my Facebook seems to be divided. My friends from the Classes of 2012 and below are writing statuses about their excitement about a new school year to begin. My friends from the Class of 2011, however, are singing a different tune in their statuses.

“I can’t believe I won’t be there!” “I moved into the Apartments a year ago. Time flew.” “I never said good-bye to Sis (one of the cashiers at Kimball).”

I won’t lie – it is kind of sad to sit here and remember all of the excitement at the beginning of last year. At that time, none of us knew what we would be doing after graduation (well, for the majority of us). Now reality is really beginning to settle in. Most of my friends have started their jobs, moved into their respective graduate schools, or shipped off to foreign countries for their teaching assistantships. I only have 20 days left in America before I ship off to England. It’s weird to be packing up my duffle rather than running around the Bookstore and running into friends in Hogan. It’s weird to not have participated in Kimball Week or Mass of the Holy Spirit this year. But, I had four years of all of those experiences (well, technically three, I guess). And as much as I love and miss Holy Cross, I’m really excited about the next few steps in my life.

Oh, and I’ll be visiting Holy Cross in less than two weeks, so maybe that’s helping my separation anxiety.

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