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A Year Ago Today…

August 4th, 2011 cmcurr11

A year ago, I returned from England and was preparing for my final year at Holy Cross.

Today, I am knee deep in my UK Visa application, transferring my doctor and dental records, and backing up all of my files while I wait for my new laptop to arrive. It’s amazing how fast a year goes by. One day, everyone is moving into the Senior Apartments (or a single in Healy) and proclaiming that Senior year is going to be the best year in college. The next day, it’s Graduation. It’s exciting to log into Facebook or to receive an e-mail and see what my friends are doing now. Carrie is packing and preparing to move to England (see you soon!). Margaret is moving into William and Mary for Law school today. Bill is almost finished with his internship in Philly and will be leaving for Turkey in a month. Colin leaves for France at the end of the month. Grant accepted a job in L.A. Sarah is working for a political think tank. Miriam moves to India in a few weeks. Frank is finished with his pre-law school courses in D.C., and heads off to Villanova law tomorrow. Jess has moved into her apartment in Philly and begins Vet School in a week. Tom is preparing to move to Germany at the end of the month. And I am watching reruns of Stephen Fry’s show QI to work on my British accent. Just kidding about the last one.

Well, maybe.

Although it’s sad that we’re not together, it’s still exciting to see all of my friends growing up. We’re buying cars, renting apartments, having interviews with prospective employers, and trying to be grown ups. Emphasis on the “trying” part of that sentence, since I still wear my Tinkerbell pajama pants.

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