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One Less Good-Bye

May 24th, 2011 cmcurr11

Firstly, I promise that I will upload my photos from Senior Week events (like my trip to Newport!). It’s just that…well, remember how my faithful digital camera died on me? I’m now using disposable cameras (they’re retro…?), so it takes a while to get it developed, scanned, uploaded, etc. Those will be up soon, though!

At the end of April of my Freshman year, I started to think about my last blog entry. What should I write? How do I say good-bye to readers whom I’ll never meet? In the middle of this brainstorm session, Public Affairs sent me an e-mail and asked if I’d like to continue my blog for the rest of my four years. I jumped at the opportunity and said yes – I knew I wasn’t finished with my blog and describing the typical day of a Holy Cross student. And you all willingly read and followed my adventures through sophomore year, my experiences abroad at Oxford during my junior year, and my last moments on the hill as a senior. Blogging about my Holy Cross experience just grew to be a normal part of my day. Then, back in the end of April of this year, I started to think about my final blog entry – and I was sure that Public Affairs wouldn’t come to my rescue in a deux ex machina like they did last time. Now I was really perplexed. How do I say good-bye to so many people who have seen me grow so much in the past four years? How do I thank all of my readers for following my blog? I actually even started to write a final entry, but it just seemed too weird. Then, out of left field, Public Affairs solved my puzzled state. Public Affairs asked me to consider keeping my blog through my first year of graduate school next year as an alumna blogger. Now, technically, the definition of the word consider is to “Think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision.” I thought about it carefully all right – I responded about two minutes later saying, “YES.”

So, yes, I will still be blogging about my life next year. I won’t be talking about Culpepper’s, Mezcal, or Shrewsbury Street; I won’t mention Mount St. James, St. Joseph’s Chapel, or my beloved Dinand. Characters like Professor Kee, Professor Mulrooney, and Fr. McFarland will not be present, and people like Carrie, Margaret, and Bill might make cameo appearances. It’s a new chapter, but the same blog. I hope that you all will continue to read about my experiences at Oxford next year and how I learn to apply the past four years of my Jesuit education beyond the gates of Mt. Saint James.

Of course, I have to give a massive thank you to Public Affairs for this opportunity.

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