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Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

May 21st, 2011 cmcurr11

Firstly, today is my 22nd birthday. And, to prove to my father (see the comment on the last entry) that this photo doesn’t embarrass me. That was me nearly 22 years ago. Not much has changed, right?

Anyway, this is the first official photo of the Class of 2011. It was taken right after the Mass of the Holy Spirit (aka cry fest).

For the past couple of entries (and arguably this entire blog), I’ve been focusing on me – my steps toward graduation, my feelings about graduation, and what I plan to do after graduation. I realize that this is just one student’s perspective and experience – there are nearly 750 other voices that could speak about their different experiences and plans for after graduation. Since 750 blogs might kill our server, I just want to briefly introduce you to some of my friends (you’ve actually read about many of them over the years) and what they’re doing next year.

First up is Carrie. As you know, Carrie and I were roommates freshman year and have been friends since then. She’s been involved with daytime admissions hosting, Peace Around the World, and Eco-Action. Carrie has achieved so much – she’s a member of College Honors, she went to Oxford, and…*drumroll please*…Carrie will be returning to England next year! She has an internship at the Coventry Cathedral working with their reconciliation and peace building initiatives.Yes, we will be about an hour away from each other next year. Dear England, I hope you’re ready.

Another name that you’ve heard quite frequently is Margaret. Margaret and I have been friends since we worked the Friday breakfast shift at Kimball freshman year. Margaret has been involved with every single student-administrator panel that exists at Holy Cross, and I’m not exaggerating. From Judicial Council to Political Science Student Committee, Margaret has been involved in it all. She also studied abroad at Oxford. Next year, she’s headed off to William & Mary for their law school, but she’s still waiting to hear back from London School of Economics.

Then there’s my other best friend, Bill. We were always really good friends, but we grew much closer this year. Bill has been involved with Liturgical Ministry, SPUD, Magis, and everything else to do with the Chaplain’s Office since day one. He’s also a double Religious Studies and Classics major, which means that our conversations have been right up my alley. He also convinced me to take Fr. Brooks’ Christology seminar, and you all know how much I loved that class. Right now, Bill is waiting to hear back from the Fulbright Scholarship (he applied for Turkey), but he also has a position with JVC.

Miriam is one of the most amazing and talented people that I’ve met at Holy Cross (and that’s saying something). Miriam has been involved in everything – from SPUD to PAW to various committees, she’s done it all. Her main focus is with PAW (Peace Around the World), and she’s brought so many guest speakers to campus to speak about Invisible Children, for instance. She spent part of her junior year in China, and she has an interview for an internship with the International Justice Mission in India later on this week. Oh, yes, she’s also our valedictorian. No big deal.

Although Colin and I have known each other since freshman year, we didn’t become good friends until Senior Year through the English Honors Program. Colin has also achieved so much – he’s a member of both English Honors and College Honors (we actually met through Ellen Perry’s Ideological Destruction of Art in sophomore year). He spent last year in Dijon, France, and he wrote his honors thesis on cartography in literature, specifically in Faulkner (when two students write about Southern Literature, you tend to get really close). Colin is going to teach English in France next year, and he plans to go to graduate school for a PhD. in English.

Grant and I have been friends since freshman year, and he’s my theater major friend. He has done everything with the theater department – he’s starred in all of the musicals and plays since day one at Holy Cross. He’s also flourished as a director, and he directs at least two one-act shows per semester. This past semester, he directed a musical called “A New Brain.” He also served as one of my team captains on the ballroom dance team this year, and he somehow found time to be a double political science and theater major. Next year, he’s headed off to work with Big Lots Entertainment Group in LA.

This is just a small sample of some of my friends and what they’re planning to do. I’ve already gone way over my word limit for this entry, which is why I’m cutting it off here. But, I’m so proud of my friends – the ones that I did mention and the ones that I didn’t. I’m so excited to see where everyone is going to take all of their many talents and their Holy Cross education.

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