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“And we pray for the Class of 2011…”

May 16th, 2011 cmcurr11

Tonight was my last regular Mass with the entire student body on campus. Yes, there’s Mass next Sunday and then our Baccalaureate Mass next Thursday, but those are specifically for Seniors. The 10 p.m. Mass has always been my favorite – I do love the 11:30 a.m. Mass, but the sense of community at the 10 is just overwhelming. At first, I wasn’t scheduled to serve tonight (the first time I haven’t served at a Mass since…February?) because I wanted to sit with Bill, Margaret, Ashley, and Jimmy – just to really enjoy Mass. Then I received a phone call asking if I could serve. It seemed kind of fitting to serve at my last Mass, so I said yes.  It was a really weird feeling – it felt like any other Mass, laughing at our mistakes, the things we forgot to set up, and rushing around and acting like we knew what we were doing. But there was also a sense of sadness. Aside from Ballroom Dance, the Chaplains’ Office has really been my main activity on campus, be it through SPUD, MAGIS, or Liturgical Ministry. Then, as the lector read out the following intention: “And we pray for the Class of 2011 as they go out into the world…” Of course, Paul Melley then had to close Mass with “Go Out in the World.” It was quite sad. See, my first real experience of Holy Cross was during Mass on Accepted Students’ Day. Mom couldn’t stay with me and I was spending the night at HC, so I went to Mass alone. But the sense of community at that Mass just made me feel at home instantaneously. I knew that I could go to school where such a community of friendly, faithful kids could make me, that lonely little 17 year old from Georgia, feel as if I was already a part of their community. It was also that same community – specifically the 10 p.m. Mass – that made me feel so welcome after my year abroad at Oxford. I felt like I had really come home after an extended vacation. So that’s why tonight was difficult. And no, technically it’s not a good-bye since I’ll have two more Masses on campus, but it definitely won’t be the same.

After this very reflective Mass, Bill, Margaret, Brian, Mike, and I went to Midnight Breakfast, where we indulged on pumpkin pancakes, bacon, and eggs that Fr. McFarland, Dean Austin (an Oxford grad woo hoo!), and Dr. Velacchio served us. Quite a contrast…

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