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All Shall Be Well

May 12th, 2011 cmcurr11




I have finally completed my honors thesis, and it looks beautiful in its binding. After approximately 300 cups of tea (that’s an accurate number) and countless hours of banging my head against the wall, I am finished with it.

Yes, those are all of the books that I consulted throughout the process. This does not include the articles or the Interlibrary Loan books. I did a lot of reading this year. And what’s really sad is that all of that research boiled down to 130 pages.

The entire thing ended up being around 130 pages, and I still didn’t say everything that I wanted to. I’m glad that I went through this process because it exposed me to the academic writing that I hope to do in the near future. Professor Kee was such a wonderful advisor throughout the entire process, and in our last meeting, he told me that I will never be satisfied with anything that I write – it’s just a fact of academic life. And, yes, I know that I could’ve articulated certain points more, or investigated a certain theme more. But, for an undergraduate honors thesis, I’m quite proud of what I was able to accomplish. It’s also kind of cool to hold it in my hands and say, “Wow. I wrote this.”

To quote one of my favorite lines from Beowulf, “Rest? What is rest?” I still have two final papers to write and a final exam to prepare for. May 17th…May 17th…May 17th…and all shalle be wele, according to Dame Julyean!

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