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May 10th, 2011 cmcurr11

Yesterday was my last day of classes at Holy Cross. The experience isn’t as weird as it is for some of my friends who have jobs lined up (aka, they’re going into the real world). Well, it is still weird for me, but at least I know I’ll be in a classroom again come October. For some of my friends, though, yesterday was it. It’s all so surreal – I can’t believe that the end is coming this quickly. My thesis is finished, and I’m going to get it bound tomorrow. My final presentation for Chant went well. I have two more papers to write for Chaucer and Contemporary Literary Theory; the former is due on Friday, and the latter is due next Tuesday. I have my oral final exam for CLT on Saturday…and then I’m finished.
Yesterday was really weird for another reason, though. It was my last ballroom dance practice. Every year, we turn the last day of practice into a dinner and dancing event. I just couldn’t believe it that practice was it. Ballroom has been such a huge part of my college life, and it seems weird that that chapter is now over (well, at least the American side). I’m excited to see how the team will grow next year, but I will miss being a part of it all. Now I’m headed off to my final Kimball banquet. Why is everything wrapping up right now? It’s all happening way too quickly!

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