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April 11th, 2011 cmcurr11

Tonight, the Ballroom Dance Team deliberated on next year’s e-board. Seeing another HCDBT member with my title for next year is a) weird but b) exciting. I truly wish that I had another year with the team since the team is capable of so much next year. But I know that our new co-chairs next year have a vision for next year, and it’s going to be a fantastic year for all involved. What was truly great about the process was just to see how much interest in leadership we have on the team – it’s so exciting to see a group of dancers who are thrilled to take on leadership positions to continue our team’s traditions and create their own.

In other news, I officially decided on graduate school. Despite what some of you might think, this decision was actually pretty tough, and I deliberated for quite some time. There are too many factors that went into my decision to elucidate them here, but please trust me when I say that my pros and cons list for each school was extensive. And now…the drumroll please…OXFORD!

Yes, I chose Oxford. I’m excited (but still nervous) to spend the next two years of my life pursuing my MPhil in Medieval Studies at Oxford. It’s going to be so different from my year abroad – I mean, this time, I’ll be a fully matriculated Oxford student. I won’t have the support network that I did during my year abroad. I’m on my own. I’ll be staying up late and analyzing manuscripts, translating Latin and Old English, and learning British slang all over again. Who’s excited!?

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