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Happy Valentine’s Day! And Some Good News!

February 14th, 2011 cmcurr11

Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Campus has been a bit crazy today – one of the traditions at Holy Cross is that the Delilahs (the female a capella group) sells “singing Valentines” so they’ve been running around all day serenading people. Erin, a member of the ballroom dance team, bought one for her boyfriend, Chris, also a member of the ballroom team, and the Delilahs came to serenade him during our practice tonight.

One of the beauties of having a Blackberry is that I got to take photos of it while it happened.

And now the good news:

I found out today that I was accepted by the University of Toronto for their graduate program in medieval literature! I am so excited about this acceptance, since it’s one of the best programs that combines my love of medieval languages, literature, and manuscripts. I have to hear back from another school, but at least I know that I have one option for graduate school next year! But, if I accept Toronto’s offer, I already know what day they want me there – September 7th. They also indicated that they want me to continue with my Latin over the summer break and expect me to sit the Latin Entry Level Examination. It’s really weird to think of myself at another institution, though. When I went to Oxford,  knew that I would eventually return to Holy Cross. But I know that this isn’t a year abroad – it’s a new place. It is exciting!

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