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February 4th, 2011 cmcurr11

Well, the “snowpocalypse” was a huge let down. Instead of fifteen inches of snow, we had ice pellets. My dream of a snow day will never come to fruition, I suppose…

All dramatics aside, if you’ve been to the Holy Cross website in the past day, you’ve heard the news that Fr. McFarland is stepping down from his position as President of Holy Cross. I just wanted to take a moment to thank Fr. McFarland for everything that he has done for the college in his past eleven years of service in this capacity. I have been fortunate enough to know Fr. McFarland personally (see – you should sign up to be an altar server. It’s the best way to know the administration around here!), and his intelligence, spirituality, and dedication to the liberal arts and Ignation outlook of our college have been truly inspiring. I will never forget his sermon at that Mass of the Holy Spirit my freshman year – his words made me feel comforted, that I had found a home. Indeed, I have, and he has been an integral part of making my experience at Holy Cross so formative. Thank you, Fr. McFarland.

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