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I warned you.

November 16th, 2010 cmcurr11

Remember when I warned you all that since this is my senior year, I’m going to have a lot of reflection style entries about my years at Holy Cross? Well…I did warn you.

Today, I talked with one of my professors about my upcoming paper for my Shakespeare class (Carrie and I now refer to Mr. Shakespeare as Shakey. It’s catchy and much easier to say.). We then started talking about the nature of the liberal arts education and what he’s trying to achieve in class. See, I expressed a fear about maintaining my average for graduate schools, and he told me to stop worrying about the grades and focus more on education – that’s what the liberal arts experience is really all about. Now, that is much easier said than done, especially for someone as OCD and neurotic about grades as me, but his comment made me reflect upon my grades. The highest grades that I’ve received are in the classes where I stopped working for the grade and started working for the sheer enjoyment of learning. Yes, yes, I know how cliche this sounds, but it’s so true. I’ve been lucky enough to find professors at Holy Cross (and Oxford as well) who teach in this manner and focus not on the end result, but on the journey to get there. I think I’m going to end this “senior moment” entry now, but my talk with my professor was just really inspiring. And that, my friends, is why I love the liberal arts education.

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