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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

November 8th, 2010 cmcurr11

I enrolled for classes for the last time on the STAR system. And I’m quite sad about it.

Not really, actually. See, enrollment has always gone extremely smoothly for me. I’ve been one of those unique lucky students who has enrolled in every single class that I have ever wanted. Sure, I’ve had to get permission to take some of my courses, and my luck might be a result of no one else wanting to take the same courses as me. I’ve heard some horror stories from some of my friends – they can only enroll in one or two classes, and then they have to go ask professors if they can overfill the class, etc (one of the many good things about Holy Cross being so small and exclusively undergraduate is that you can do stuff like that and professors will 9.9 times out of 10 allow you to enter).

So why am I happy that this is my last enrollment? Well, for starters, enrollment is always at 7:00 a.m. Although I usually get up this early anyway (yes, I’m speaking the truth, Mom and Dad!), let’s face it – it’s early. And there’s always that pregnant pause – that awful moment of hesitation in which your computer frantically attempts to successfully enroll you in all of your courses. You sit on the edge of your computer – you’re barely awake, you’re clutching your mug of tea (if you’re me. If you’re the average Holy Cross student, it’s probably coffee), and you’re frantically going through your back up plan just in case your primary choices don’t work out. It’s a frightening five millisecond span.

So what am I taking next term?

This is as of right now. One class might change a bit, and this doesn’t include my thesis meeting – Prof. Kee and I arrange that individually. This also doesn’t include the TS Eliot class that I’m auditing. But, as you can imagine, I’m really happy about this set of classes. It is weird to finally see the term Spring 2011. Stop going by so quickly, senior year!

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