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Thesis = Pizza Parties…?

October 6th, 2010 cmcurr11

One of the greatest aspects of the English Honors Program is the community. All eight of us meet in a seminar every Wednesday night, and Prof. Gettleman advises us on how to articulate our research and better define our approach to writing our thesis. It’s honestly just relieving to hear everyone’s experience with the thesis process. Well, tonight, we had…wait for it…PIZZA. Yes, if you are crazy enough to be a member of two honors societies, you are more likely to have free pizza throughout your senior year. It’s not a bad trade off, honestly. 🙂

So now I’m almost finished with my work for this week. I have literally been going non-stop since September 1st. I cannot wait for Fall Break. I’m leaving on Friday for a conference in San Diego, and then I’m leaving San Diego on Sunday (yes, it’s a short trip, unfortunately) for Atlanta. I’ll be home until Thursday, and I plan on sleeping for a majority of my time home. Don’t worry, Prof. Gettleman or anyone else associated with my thesis – I will be working on it. Well, at least a little bit. But now it’s back to my paper!

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