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Hitting The Ground Running

September 13th, 2010 cmcurr11

I think I’m speaking for every senior – this is the busiest that I have ever been at Holy Cross, and it’s only the second week of classes. What is going on?

The classes that I am taking are fantastic this term. My Honors Seminar is Apocalypticism Through the Ages taught by Prof. Murphy (you probably remember that name from first semester of my sophomore year). In this class, we’re exploring Apocalypticism from its pre-Judaism roots and moving right up to the current trend amongst fundamentalist Christians. It is absolutely fascinating. I’m also taking Fr. Brooks’ seminar (maybe that’s why I’m so busy…) on Contemporary Christology. In this class, we’re going to select one theologian that we’ll study for the rest of the semester; at the end, we’ll present our theologian and defend our assessment of his/her theology to a panel consisting of Fr. Brooks and three to four outside professors. I think the final exam is the real reason why I decided to take the course! I’m also taking Shakespeare; how can you major in English and not take a class on the Bard? My fourth course is dedicated to my thesis; Professor Kee is serving as my advisor, and Professor Ireland is serving as my reader. I also have about five other professors who are helping me in the topic (I’ll dedicate another post to that one; it’s just too long to get into here!). I’m also enrolled in the English Honors Program’s seminar, Research Methods, although it doesn’t technically count as a class.

Although I’m running around like crazy, there are perks to this academic schedule. I don’t have classes on either Mondays or Fridays. In addition, there are perks of being a crazy student who is enrolled in two honors programs – I have access to the English Faculty Common Room. 🙂 It’s the little things in life…

P.S. In other very exciting (aka…not really) news, Prof. Pierce is sitting at the table next to mine at Crossroads as we speak/type. She’s currently interviewing a Medieval Theologian to join the Theology department. So, for those out there that think that there aren’t jobs in Medieval studies…HAH! Well, those jobs are few and far between. Hm. Maybe I should just become a professional ballroom dancer. My parents would love that… 🙂

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