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Oh, I’ve missed this!

September 6th, 2010 cmcurr11

Since I’ve been back at Holy Cross, I’ve had a couple of moments where I’ve realized how much I’ve missed Holy Cross. Last night, though, was the biggest moment so far. I was lectoring at the 10:00 Mass last night. I was an active member of the Catholic Chaplaincy in Oxford, and the Jesuits there did make me feel like I was part of a community. However, Campus Ministry at Holy Cross is simply a community that cannot be replicated. We are, in a word, crazy. When I arrived at St. Joseph’s last night, we were all running around as usual. I came into the sacristy to see Fr. Lynch and Paul Melley (director of liturgical music) cracking up at some random joke, and then my friend, Bill, almost caught his hair on fire. We all started cracking up around then. Then there was a ridiculously impossible word to pronounce in my reading, so Bill and I started cracking up as we tried to figure out how to pronounce it. And, right before Mass, Paul went over some of the songs to be used in the liturgy, and he started out by saying, “Come on – this song is easy! You all can sing it!” Of course, he sang it in his beautiful liturgical voice. It was then that I just had a moment when I realized how much I missed this particular aspect of Holy Cross when I was away last year (and, no, this realization was not enhanced by the S’mores offered after Mass). Yes, we all take our Catholic heritage and our participation in Mass seriously, but we all have a great time (maybe too much of a good time!) doing it as well.

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