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It’s Good to Be Back

August 26th, 2010 cmcurr11

When I was on the plane from London to Atlanta, it didn’t hit me that I would be starting my senior year in less than three weeks. After spending a week at home and a week on Cape Cod, I’m back on campus quicker than I realized. I arrived on campus on Monday, and my parents and sister left on Tuesday afternoon. As I was settling in to my single in Healy (yes, it is quite nice!), it really started to sink in: I’m a senior. Being back on campus was quite strange at first, but my professors and friends stopped me whenever I was walking around campus and talked to me about my year and what happened at Holy Cross whilst I was away. Although so much happened while I was abroad, I am happy that I did study abroad. If you followed my blog, my year at Oxford was fantastic. I was able to pursue more specialized Medieval classes that Holy Cross didn’t offer, and I was also able to lay a solid foundation for graduate work. And (some might argue more importantly!), I was exposed to a new culture, a new education system, and new people. I was able to explore England and Europe, and I made lasting friendships. But after walking through Fenwick on Tuesday afternoon, I realized that, as incredible as my year abroad was, it is good to be back. Classes haven’t started yet, and I know that it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to transition from the tutorial style to the lecture style, but I am excited for my senior year to truly begin.

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