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2 Months And Counting…

June 29th, 2010 cmcurr11

One of my Holy Cross friends, Margaret, reminded me today that we have less than two months before we return to Holy Cross. Um. I’m going to be a senior in less than two months. It seems quite distant (literally and figuratively) since I’m about 4,000 miles away from Worcester. However, I know it’s coming, and I know that August 22nd (the day I move in to my sweeeeeet single in Healy!) will be here practically instantaneously. It’s frightening and exciting at the same time. Senior year is going to quite busy (especially in first semester), but I’m quite excited for it.

Speaking of Senior year (aaaaah!), my research for my senior thesis is going quite well. The libraries at Oxford are quite different during the summer than during term time. Firstly, there are so many more students during term time. It’s so quiet now – like eerily quiet. Secondly, the libraries aren’t open as late, which makes me sad. And, the most devastating difference of all is that the Upper Rad Cam is closed for the summer. I know. I know. The audacity that these brits have sometime astounds me too.

Summer in Oxford is gorgeous, though. The Catholic Chaplaincy is just a couple of feet away from the towpath along the Thames River, so I take my bike out for a ride along the river every morning (sounds quite romantic, doesn’t it?). Luckily, the weather has been extremely nice, so let’s hope that it stays like this for the next five weeks!

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