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Where are the brakes!?

June 12th, 2010 cmcurr11

My year abroad is coming to a very swift conclusion. I’m not a fan of this at all.

On Thursday, we had the Farewell Reception for Visiting Students. Dr. Cari Morningstar, the director of the Visiting Student Program, and Dr. Diana Wolford, the President of the college, spoke about what the Visiting Students have achieved this year. Then, Dr. Wolford said it – “You are now, technically, alumni of Mansfield College, University of Oxford.” Er.  Whaaaaaaaaat? That’s when all thirty one of us realized how quickly this year is coming to a conclusion. When we all arrived back in September/October, we never thought that June would arrive. But now it’s here. It’s all quite frightening, really. It was a fantastic event, though. Most of the Mansfield tutors attended, and I had a chance to talk with Dr. Diana Wolford. Dr. Wolford was talking to my friend, Hope, and me about our plans for after senior year (please! I can only handle leaving one institution at a time!) As Hope and I expressed our desires to return to Oxford for graduate work (Hope is also a Medievalist), Dr. Wolford told us that they have had some Visiting Students return for graduate work. At that, I exclaimed, “Ah! There’s hope!” Well, quite literally, Hope was there, since she was standing next to me. Never mind – you kind of had to be there.

Since everything is coming to such a rapid close, all of the JYAs are trying to cram in as many fun events as possible. Last weekend, we went punting and had a picnic afterward. No, I did not punt; I think that the pole weighed more than me. Instead, I was a very helpful paddler. Err…yeah. We’ll go with that.

Even more frighteningly, I’m basically finished with all of my work. I had my last tutorial with Hugh yesterday (more to follow on that), and my last essay for Lucinda is due on Wednesday. I already turned in my ICIP project, so I really only have this last essay for Lucinda. And what better way to celebrate the end of my academic obligations than…


It’s the little things in life, folks. 🙂

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