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It’s A Small World…

June 4th, 2010 cmcurr11

Last Sunday, I was running late for Mass, so  I threw on the first pair of shoes that were within my grasp – my Holy Cross flip flops. I personally hate wearing flip flops to Mass; I think this is due to St. Joseph’s Chapel, where everything (and I mean everything) echoes. Anyway, I ran off to Mass in my flip flops, and tried to not make that much noise throughout Mass.

At the end of Mass, the  man sitting next to me stopped me and asked, “Do you go to College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA?” I was quite shocked, since Holy Cross is not that well known of a school in England. I replied yes. He said, “I couldn’t help but notice your flip flops.” He then introduced himself as a friend of several of the chaplains at Holy Cross (specifically Megan Fox-Kelly), as he attended Weston with many of them. As we talked, he informed me that he is now a Jesuit, and he invited me to dinner at Campion Hall with the other Jesuits in Oxford. Moral of the story: wear your Holy Cross flip flops wherever you are, even at Mass. Who knows? You might get a meal with the Jesuits out of it!

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