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April 7th, 2010 cmcurr11

Yesterday, one of my best friends from Holy Cross, Grant, visited me. He’s spending his (extended) Easter Break in London, and he came to Oxford to visit this place that has claimed my heart over the course of the past six months. As I gave him a tour of Oxford, we kept on talking about how Senior year at Holy Cross is going to be so different since our group of friends has had such a vast array of experiences this year. It’s always been in the back of my mind, but my conversations with Grant just made me remember that I am returning to Holy Cross at the end of the summer – it seems obvious, I know, but there are times that I get so wrapped up in my life in Oxford (and England in general) that I forget. My conversations with Grant also made me think about how I’m going to acclimate back to Holy Cross. This year, I have grown personally and academically, and my friends weren’t there to experience it with me. Of course, I wasn’t there to experience their own growth. It’s going to be interesting to return to Holy Cross and see how my friends have grown; I don’t feel like any of us will have changed to the point that we won’t recognize each other, but I am excited to see how we’ve all changed after a year.

In addition, my life at Holy Cross seems to be back in action. Between housing selection, advising sessions, and class enrollment, it almost seems like I’m back on the Hill. I can’t believe that I’m already planning out my senior year. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was that small, awkward freshman who had no idea what was going on? Now I’m signed up for the GRE in September and trying to figure out what my next steps are after college. My, oh my! How things change!

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