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Happy Easter!

April 4th, 2010 cmcurr11

Botanical Gardens with Magdalen Tower

Happy Easter, everyone!

Now, if the above photo doesn’t capture the quintessence of an Oxford spring day (daffodils, foggy weather, Magdalen Tower in the background), then I’m not sure what will.

For those of you who remember, I spent Easter break last year at Holy Cross due to my large amount of work that I needed to finish. And while Easter dinner really wasn’t the same (sorry, Kimball, but nothing can really compare to my mother’s cooking), the spiritual experience was worth me missing my mother’s macaroni and cheese and baked ham. Believe me, when you’re one of fifteen students on campus, you’ll have at least two intense spiritual discussions with the Jesuits, especially when they invite you to the “party” after the Easter Vigil Mass. This year, I stayed at Oxford for several reasons (yes, work was one of them). My spiritual experience wasn’t necessarily the same since I wasn’t as heavily involved with the liturgical side as I was last year. However, it was delightful to observe all of the liturgical celebrations this year; I think my year off from serving as a liturgical coordinator, altar server, and lector is beginning to affect me, though. At Mass this morning, the liturgical coordinator forgot to place the aspergillum (the sprinkler thingy mabob. Yes, my definition is as technical and precise as a NASA engineer’s calculations!) by the holy water; I almost retrieved it from the sacristy myself. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but my year off is really beginning to affect me. I can’t believe that the next Mass at which I’ll serve is going to be the Mass of the Holy Spirit for the incoming class of 2014 (!!!). How my time at Holy Cross has flown!

Don’t worry – despite having to cook for myself, I still had an Easter roast. Okay, so Margaret and I did take the easy way out – we just went out to a restaurant instead of cooking our own meal. It was fantastic nonetheless!

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