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March 15th, 2010 cmcurr11

I can’t believe it, but I’m finished with Hilary Term. These past two terms seem to drag at the beginning of term, but sometime around fourth week, everything just starts going and it feels like there’s no stopping. I just submitted my course approval forms for Holy Cross, and it truly seems like ages ago that I first opened M.L. West’s book on stemmatics and wrote my first paper for Ralph. All in all, this term was exceptionally busy, but it was rewarding nonetheless. I simply adored my Medieval Paleography tutorial with Ralph Hanna. I focused on Insular manuscripts for the majority of the term, and I couldn’t have been happier doing so. Out of all the manuscripts on which I focused, I think that my favorite was the Junius manuscript. Ralph pushed me to explore the connection between the images and text present in the manuscript, and I came to some interesting conclusions. Who knows – maybe there’s a Ph.D. with my name on it! Dealing with manuscripts, as old and dusty as it may seem, was such a fantastic experience. Victorian literature also went really well; I enjoyed dealing with something a bit more modern than usual! I also loved how my tutor, Rosalyn, took such an interdisciplinary approach to the tutorials. It was never just about what the text said; she always brought up the political and social environments in which these books were written.

So, Hilary Term overall was a major success. The only thing that could’ve made it better would be if Sam and I won Jive at IVDC. Alas…Just kidding. I promise that I’m over it! So, what am I going to do now that I have six weeks of freedom? Right now, I’m looking up recipes on (Confession: I am a major foodie. Oh, the stories I could tell you about my food adventures in England. In fact, that will be the subject of my post tomorrow!). Last week, my friend, Carleen (yes, try saying Colleen and Carleen five times fast), came to visit me over her Spring Break. It was a bit tricky to manage since I still had two tutorials, but we still went to Bath and London. She was also able to explore Oxford on the days that I had to study. She left yesterday, and now I have two days to finish some applications and the like (the work never ends, does it?) until my parents arrive. We’re spending Wednesday through Friday in Oxford, and then we’ll spend Saturday to Tuesday in London. I have dance lessons throughout the week (that came as a shock, didn’t it?!), and then I’ve got some general reading to do. Ah, life is perfect right now – reading, dancing, parentals coming (which means LOTS of good food!), and the sun is shining with a high of 50 degrees. Life couldn’t be more perfect!

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