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Week 2

January 26th, 2010 cmcurr11

It’s already Week 2 of Hilary. My goodness; these terms really do fly. I think it’s because we do so much work that we all lose track of time, an then we can’t believe our eyes when we see the calendar. I don’t know; I’m going to have to talk to some of my Psychology friends to determine if that theory has any merit whatsoever. Anyway, whilst the work load has been difficult, it’s been rewarding and enjoyable nonetheless. My first tutorial for Victorian Literature is today; we’ll be covering Henry James’ Washington Square. Yes, this term, I’m dealing with texts that are somewhat earlier than usual. Don’t worry, though; I’m still taking a primary Medieval tutorial and I’m attending a lot of Medieval lectures. For my Medieval Paleography tutorial on Friday, I’m studying the development of manuscripts. As for the lectures, my Old English Poetry lecture yesterday was fantastic! Dr. Sutherland lectured primarily on the subject on which I want to write my senior thesis (oh, yes, that’s coming up next year…). Of course, I’m still attending more modern lectures, too, like TS Eliot for example. As I told my parents on Sunday, my Victorian Literature class reminds me on daily basis that, as much as I adore the Medieval period (and, if you’ve read this blog for the past year or so, you know how much I love that period!), I really just love literature in general, from the ancient/Classical period to the modern day. To all prospective students: Declare an English major. It is the best decision that you will make. I promise. Anyway, enough departmental plugging. I’ve got to return to preparing for my tutorial. Until next time!


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