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And Hilary Term Begins

January 18th, 2010 cmcurr11

I know; I’ve been lacking in witty titles as of late. Please forgive me!

Well, a majority of the snow has melted, and Oxford is bustling once more with students. I really cannot believe that Hilary Term is already here. This term, I’m taking Medieval Paleography as my primary tutorial and Victorian Literature as my secondary tutorial. Medieval Paleography entails studying medieval manuscripts and developing the trait to identify who wrote the manuscript, where the manuscript was written, for whom it was intended, etc. In Victorian Literature, I’m focusing on Henry James (!! That was actually my nickname for a bit in senior year of high school), Thomas Hardy (!!), and the Brontes (!!). If you couldn’t tell, I’m excited for both of my tutorials and the subsequent lectures that I’ll be attending. I’ve enjoyed my six week long break (and now that I’ve said that, I wonder if the number of applications to the Oxford program will shoot up!), and now I’m ready for eight weeks of intensive studying, writing, and, of course, dancing. Yes, dance resumes this week. We have three major competitions in February, so the entire team is practicing diligently to ensure that we’ll win the national championship (and beat Cambridge, of course).

Well, I’m off to begin my day in the Radcliffe Camera. Until next time!

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