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September 18, 2009

September 18th, 2009 cmcurr11

I’m am currently (and happily!) writing this update from a computer in Dinand Library. I cannot contain my excitement. I’m in the most lovely building on this campus (well, second to the chapel, maybe).

I arrived yesterday afternoon, and since then, I’ve been attacked by hugs and hellos. I spent yesterday seeing as many of my friends as I could. Today, I’ve been running around (and it’s only 11:00!) to see professors. Some have been just to catch up, and others have been for signatures, advice, and the like. Even though I’m only on campus for three days, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this busy. Nevertheless, it’s fantastic to be back. It’s kind of weird right now because all of my friends are in class, and I’m just hanging out. Of course, I am in Dinand, so I’m sure that I could probably find a book to read to keep me occupied for the next couple of hours or so.

Check back soon for photos from this weekend!

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