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June 23rd, 2009

June 23rd, 2009 cmcurr11

You know what’s one thing that I geniunely miss about Holy Cross? I really miss the Jesuits’ sermons on Sundays. I know it sounds weird, but their sermons are really just brilliant. For instance, Fr. McFarland’s on Easter Sunday was about death – not exactly what all of us were expecting. But it was just so intellectual and so moving. And, I’m not saying anything against my dioceasean priests, but their homilies just aren’t the same!

Yesterday, I started my Ancient Greek class. Exciting, right? I spent two hours with my tutor, and he spent an hour trying to get me to speak from my gut. My tutor actually had a really interesting philosophy about ancient languages versus modern language. He said that a majority of modern languages simply use language as a tool. Ancient languages, however, involve the whole body because they’re trying to express everything that the speaker is attempting to convey. For instance, when we speak English, we form our words with our lips. When you speak Ancient Greek, the sound has to start in your stomach, and it works it way up through the throat. Then the tounge has to manipulate the sound. It was a really interesting concept. But that’s enough philology for today. Just wait until Oxford – then you’ll be reading about philology every day!

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