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April 6, 2009

April 6th, 2009 admin

My most pressing matter of business: Congratulations to all the accepted students for the Class of 2013. I know that I already said that in a previous post, but I just wanted to say it again. (A special shout out to Katie C. from St. Pius in Georgia! Yet another Georgian on the Hill!)

Tuesday (March 31st) was a fantastic day for music. Both Keith Urban’s and Diana Krall’s new CDs were released. Yes, I do realize that country is a tad different from bossa nova jazz. But they’re both incredible CDs. Of course, I now feel guilty because last night at Mass because we’re all focusing on giving alms, whether it be to the local Worcester or global community. Hm.

Yesterday, a bunch of the Classics majors and groupies (aka yours truly) went to Brandeis to see their Theater department’s adaptation of Euripides’s “Hecuba.” It was brilliant. A professor in the Classics department (who is a friend of our very own Prof. Mary Ebbot, actually) translated “Hecuba” with his class, and the Theater department performed their translation. Isn’t that cool? They adhered to the text very well. For instance, when Polymester gives his prophecy to Agamemnon (who was actually portrayed as a good guy for once!), they translated his prophesized death as a “blood bath.” Agamemnon actually died in a bath tub (so kind of like an ancient Jean Paul Marat…). That translation really made Ashley happy; she started giggling non-stop. This is why you shouldn’t let Classics kids out of our cages…

Scarily enough, I have exactly one more month of work. My last final is May 6th at 2:30 p.m. Let’s not think about the amount of work I have between then and now, shall we? Brendan and I have started working on our final paper for Math; we want to explore chaos theory in art. I’ve finally settled on a topic for my Tolkien research paper (that’s always a good thing, right?). I’m starting my Honors paper over Easter break. It’s a lot of work, but still manageable. And, strangely enough, I actually enjoy this work, so it’s not really even work to me.

Speaking of work, we made our decisions about the new Kimball captains. We could only choose 29 from 65 applicants, but I think that most of our selections will be fantastic captains. I’d like to note that all four of my Thursday breakfast workers (including my fellow blogger, Melissa Browne) who applied for captain were accepted. That means that Will and I don’t have to do anything on that shift anymore. Just kidding. Kind of.

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