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March 24, 2009

March 24th, 2009 admin

Kimball has been trayless for the past two weeks now. At first, I was adverse to the idea simply because I thought that it would be a huge inconvenience for everyone at Kimball. All of the Kimball Captains thought that everything would just be a mess, and a majority of the students thought that it’d be impossible to balance a plate of food, a cup, and silverware. I can honestly say that these past two weeks have been running extremely smoothly. All of the Kimball workers and captains have seamlessly adapted to breaking differently, and barely any of us can tell that there’s a difference in protocol. Also, I’ve been able to see exactly how much less food is being wasted. The figures are really astounding. And, now that the students wasting less food, Kimball can afford to buy a variety of new foods. So, even though I was skeptical in the beginning, trayless has really been a huge success. Even though I might have to make a couple of trips to get all the food that I want, I realize that I’m now taking only what I know that I can eat. I’m really excited that all of the students here have been so accepting and willing to try something new that will, in the end, benefit us all.

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