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March 20, 2009

March 20th, 2009 admin

You can tell a class is excellent when you’re upset when it’s canceled. My Ideological Destruction of Art seminar was canceled yesterday, although everyone in the class was somewhat okay with this. We took our midterm on Tuesday, so our brains are still recuperating. My Mathematics and Art class was canceled today, though, and I was quite sad about this. The class’ second paper was due today, and I was really excited to turn it in. The assignment was to go to a museum and compare a work painted before 1420 to one painted after 1420 to see how linear perspective affected the impact of the paintings. Brendan, a friend who is also taking the class, and I went to the Worcester Art Museum yesterday (huzzah! I was able to explore more of Worcester!). We both could only spend an hour there due to our schedules, but the two of us loved it. I know that I personally want to go back and spend an entire day there. The collections are exquisite. For instance, there’s a room in the medieval display that was part of a chapel that was built in France in 1137. It’s the same floors, the same walls, the same windows, the same arches, the same fireplace…nothing is a replica. It was so cool to stand on the same floor as another person did nearly one thousand years ago! The WAM also has one of the only untouched portraits of Caligula, which we discussed in my Ideological Destruction of Art seminar. Way to kill a lot of birds with one stone! Of course, that’s not to say that I like these two classes better than Early Christian Literature and Tolkien, which Fr. Vodoklys and Prof. Mulrooney, respectively, will never cancel!

In other news, happy Spring! I know that I shouldn’t say that because, knowing my luck, it will start snowing tomorrow.

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