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February 18, 2009

February 18th, 2009 admin

Happy (belated) Valentine’s or Singles Awareness Day (whichever one you choose to celebrate)! St. Valentine’s weekend was actually pretty fun. The Class of 2011 hosted a semi-formal dance on Friday; the theme was Old Hollywood. Well, I decided to take my new ballroom gown for a test-run. Jess, Brenden, her roommate, Chelsea, and her boyfriend, Mike, and I all hung out and visited with other people at the dance. We all had a great time.

Tours have been crazy this week. There were 125 people at the Monday 10:00 tour. At my time slot yesterday (10:00), we had four tours going at the same time. My tour was deluged with at least thirty people; one of the tours (which was staffed by three tour guides) had at least sixty people. It has been insane. I think that there were more high school students than college students on campus at one point yesterday.

Last night, I was standing in line to get to food at Kimball. All of a sudden, lights started flashing on and off. It turned out that the fire alarm was going off. The fire alarm was being tested all last week, so everyone remained in line because we all thought it was just another test. We were all wrong. It was actually a fire drill. The funniest part of the entire situation was that some of us contemplated going outside or staying inside and eating. After fifteen minutes, the building was cleared, and life continued normally.

All of life continues to go normally. I feel like the second that I received my official letter from Oxford/Study Abroad, time has been zipping along. Everyone continuously reminds me that this is my last semester on campus until senior year; thus, I’m trying to enjoy every last second. However, it’s all going by a little too quickly for my taste!

And now for something completely different – Professor Manoussakis was awarded the tenure position! I’m so excited for him.


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