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February 9, 2009

February 9th, 2009 admin

Hey everyone!

This past weekend was amazing. My mom flew up from Georgia to take my grandmother and me to the Dancing with the Stars Tour at Mohegan Sun. We spent Saturday walking around the casino. Okay, well, my mom and grandmother walked around the casino. I stayed in the room and read. But, that’s not the point. The show was phenomenal. All of the dancers were fantastic. Lacey and Lance were my favorite couple on this past season, and they were both there. They danced their tango to “Disturbia” and their Cha-Cha. They really should’ve won. But, I also was finally able to see Lance Bass in concert. Back when ‘NSYNC was popular (oh, come on, every girl was), Lance was my favorite member of the band. I never saw ‘NSYNC in concert, unfortunately. However, this weekend changed everything. I finally was able to see Lance perform live, and he even sang “Bye, Bye, Bye.” Yes, my childhood was completed on Saturday night. But, in all honesty, the entire tour was amazing. Toni Braxton was another one of the “Stars” on the show, and she sang “Un-Break My Heart” in a cha-cha time. It was one of the most brilliant dance numbers that I’ve seen. By the way, Derek Hough and Mark Ballas are simply wondrous dancers.

On a more academic note, I attended Professor Manoussakis’ lecture today. He’s a tenure candidate for the philosophy department, and part of the process requires the candidate to deliver several lectures. His lecture today was called “On the Substance of Things Hoped For,” which described the relationship of the penultimate to the ultimate. It was basically a reinterpretation of eschatology and how the modern thinker should approach it. It was a beautiful paper. One of the most interesting aspects of the event, though, was the interaction between the faculty and Professor Manoussakis. Each professor was throwing out his or her favorite philosopher and what they how they would have replied to Professor Manoussakis’ paper. It was interesting and mind-numbing, to say the least.

My dad has some business up here for the next week or so, so he stopped by Worcester to take me out to dinner. I ate one meal on campus today. Margaret and I walked down to Culpepper’s for lunch (looking back on that, that was a stupid idea. We walked down in the middle of a snowstorm.). Anyway, we went out to Brew City where we enjoyed their strawberry shortcake. It was delicious. Even though I came back only three weeks ago and I’ll be returning home in three weeks, it was great to see my parents. They’re flying home on Sunday, so they might swing by Worcester on Saturday.


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