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January 30, 2009

January 30th, 2009 admin

On “Lost” last night, some of the characters were speaking Latin. Speaking Latin. Now, granted, it wasn’t all correct, but it was still Latin! Just another piece of evidence that Latin is not a dead language!

Everything here is going pretty much the same. I’m afraid that my life is boring right now! I delivered my presentation in Tolkien yesterday; it was about Tolkien as a medievalist scholar. I learned how to pronounce Anglo-Saxon over the weekend (I’m a cool one) to emphasize a couple of points. We’re steadily moving along through Tolkien’s works; we’ll be finished with The Silmarillion by next week. Prof. Mulrooney ended class yesterday by saying, “Well, we’re 22% finished with this semester.” Why must everyone emphasize how quickly this time is flying?

All of my other classes are going well, and I’m really enjoying them. In Ideological Destruction of Art, we’ve just arrived at Hatcheptsut, the female pharaoh, and we’re beginning to examine why her artwork would have been destroyed. In Mathematics and Art, we’re doing experiments with the Golden Ratio and the Fibonnachi numbers. Those numbers are everywhere in nature and art! It’s fascinating because, for some odd reason, those two sets of numbers are just visually appealing to the human eye. Early Christian Literature is going well, too. We haven’t been “baptized” again, though. Even though they’re not as intertwined as last semester, I enjoy every moment of my classes because I learn just such different things in each class.

Sorry for the somewhat boring entry. Because of the weather, my friends and I haven’t really been able to do anything except for study and stay in the dorms. I do love the snow, but the ice makes it difficult to have fun excursions. But, fear not! For entertaining entries shall return soon!

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