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January 27, 2009

January 27th, 2009 admin

Yesterday was, by far, one of the most interesting classes that I have ever attended. In Early Christian Literature, we’ve reached the point in The Confessions when St. Augustine asks for his baptism. In that scene, he says that he was “seasoned” and “signed” by God. Well, those are both allusions to the ancient baptismal rite, in which both salt and oil were used. As we reached that point in the class translation, Fr. Vodoklys told us all to open our hands. He went around the room and poured some salt onto our hands, and then went into a discourse about how valuable salt was in the ancient world because it preserved food. While our hands were still open, he then went around the room and poured some olive oil into our hands. I don’t think I will ever need to moisturize my right hand again!

Everything is still going well, albeit a little busy. I have my presentation for my Tolkien seminar tomorrow, so I’ll be working on that for the rest of the day today. Prof. Manoussakis, my Philosophy professor last semester, is also helping me edit and revise a paper to turn it into a conference. While this week is busy as anything, I’m really looking forward to the weekend (yes, I do realize that it’s only Tuesday…). My mom is flying in on Friday, and, along with my grandmother, we’re going to see the Dancing with the Stars tour on Saturday.

Well, I’ve got to lead my first tour of the semester now. Until next time!

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