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December 9, 0028

December 9th, 2008 admin

The weather this week has been unpredictable! On Monday, the temperature was in the single digits and the wind chill made it feel below zero. Yesterday, the temperature was around forty. Last night, however, the wind was insane. During the night, a huge tree outside of Wheeler actually snapped. And, today is around fifty-five degrees, but it’s pouring. It is supposed to hail tomorrow, and it’s supposed to snow on Friday. Talk about getting in all the extremes.

Anyway, if you’ve read my blog for the past year, you’ll understand that my life is a series of awkward events strung together. This proved more true yesterday than any other day this semester. After enjoying my quick lunch from Crossroads, I walked outside to throw away my trash. Unfortunately, I was gripping my ID card in addition to my trash, and I accidentally threw away my ID card. You can’t get anywhere on campus without your ID card. I debated my options for a minute. Should I dig through the trash to find my ID? Or should I spend $20 to have Public Safety issue me another one? Like any good college student, I decided to save some money. Yes, I actually dug through the trash for my ID card. Here’s the best part. I didn’t see anyone around me, so I thought that my trash-delving would go unnoticed. Unfortunately, a girl from my Dante class and all of her friends walked by as I was elbow deep in the trash can. The good news is that I eventually found it. The bad news is that it’s sitting in a sanitizing solution for the next three months or so. Now that I think about it, that trash can is very close to the webcam on Hogan’s roof. So, if anyone happened to be watching the webcam yesterday at 1:30 or so, you probably saw my trash escapade.

In other (less embarrassing) news, last night was the Christmas Tree lighting. It is officially Christmas on campus now! Fr. Dunn presided, and the pep band and Chamber Choir performed. Oh, yes, there were also cookies and hot cider. Last night was also the final Fools on the Hill show, so Ashley, Katie, and I saw Jess perform one last time.

Classes ended yesterday. Study period starts today and lasts until Friday. My final medieval literature paper is due on Monday, and my Dante final exam is on Monday as well. My Jesus and His Contemporaries final exam is on Tuesday, and my medieval Philosophy final paper is due on Wednesday. I can’t believe that I’ll be finished with everything in a week. This semester is vanishing before my eyes!

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