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December 8, 2008

December 8th, 2008 admin

On Thursday, I told my friends at dinner that it simply didn’t feel like December. At this time last year, the temperature was below freezing every morning. I remember bundling up to go to work at Kimball at seven o’clock. While it was still cold, it wasn’t as cold as I had remembered. Well, dreams do come true! It has been absolutely freezing since Friday.  This morning, the temperature was in the single digits. Right now, the temperature has climbed to a whopping 11 degrees. It might sound like I’m complaining, but, in reality, I adore the cold weather. Fall is my favorite season, and winter is a close second. I guess that I chose the right college location, then!

If you can believe it, tomorrow is my last day of classes. Study period begins on Wednesday, and final exams begin on Saturday. I cannot believe how quickly this semester has flown. The conclusion of this semester is bittersweet. While I’m looking forward to Christmas break and next semester, this semester was so engaging. I loved all of my classes, and I will miss them. I’ll miss Professor Manoussakis’ thought provoking application of Medieval thought in modern life; I’ll miss Fr. Howard’s tangents on Dante. I’ll miss Professor Juilfs’ vast knowledge of the medieval world; I’ll miss Professor Murphy’s analysis of the Bible and other ancient literature. Well, let me rephrase that lament. I’ll miss the information presented and the fantastic professors, but I won’t miss the workload. Speaking of next semester, my I finalized my schedule. I will be taking the Ideological Destruction of Art (my Honors seminar), Mathematics in Art, Early Christian Literature (I cannot get enough of St. Augustine!), and a J.R.R. Tolkien seminar (Oh, yes, bring on the nerd!).

And I am now going to abuse the power of this blog to wish my dad a happy belated birthday and my sister an on-time happy birthday!

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