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November 30, 2008

November 30th, 2008 admin

For those of you who are familiar with track and field events, this semester has been like a 1500 meters race. My assignments have been spaced out from each other, so it’s been a strenuous, but I’ve been able to maintain my stride. However, the entire speed of the race changes completely tomorrow. An e-mail from Professor Murphy sums up the entire feeling of the next three weeks. It’s a “sprint to the semester's finish!” It’s a bittersweet feeling, too. I want the next three weeks’ workload to pass by quickly, but I don’t want this semester to end. I’ve loved all of my classes this semester, and all of my work has been strangely enjoyable. I’ve also shared some great times with my friends this semester, and Christmas break seems too long at some points. But, I can’t get caught up with Christmas break. I need to finish my research papers, presentations, and exams!

That’s why Thanksgiving break was most welcome! I went home to Alpharetta for the break. My parents have done a lot of work to the house, so I didn’t recognize my room at first. Even though it was a short visit, it was great to be home and spend time with my family.

Speaking of the next three weeks, liturgical ministry has some awesome events planned for Advent. The suspended Advent wreath is going to be hung in St. Joseph’s sometime soon. The Advent Reconciliation Service is on Tuesday night. The chaplains also provided the student leaders of Liturgical ministry with an Advent meditation calendar. So, while these next few weeks might be stressful, there are still opportunities to relax…oh, yes, and goof off with my friends! We’re all looking forward to “Wii Need a Break.”

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