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November 18, 2008

November 18th, 2008 admin

If I study abroad next year, today was my last enrollment day until senior year. That thought terrified me. Whenever I tell my friends at other schools that I’ll probably be spending all of next year abroad, they typically tell me that I’m crazy for spending an entire year away. Yes, it seems like a lot of time right now, and I’m not too thrilled with leaving Holy Cross for an entire year. However, when would I ever have such an opportunity again?

Anyway, class enrollment was a success. The new STAR system made it seem all too easy. I refreshed the page a couple of times to ensure that I had actually enrolled! I enrolled in the four classes that I wanted, which is always a plus! Next semester, I’ll be taking readings in 20th century British Literature, Ideological Destruction of Art, which is my Honors seminar, Early Christian Literature, and Mathematics and Art. I know, there aren’t too many medieval classes in that mix. I’m really excited for all of my classes, though. Luckily, by next semester, I will have fulfilled all of my common area requirements and basic requirements for my major. However, I’m not even going to think about classes for junior and senior years. I’m still in denial that I eventually must leave Holy Cross.

This past weekend was an absolute blur. It started with spending an hour in Professor Murphy’s office on Friday. The two of us talked about everything in the Bible except my research topic, which had been the main reason why I wanted to talk to him.  I spent most of Sunday just running around and trying to catch up on some sleep. I slept in until 10:45, and I was the lector at the 11:30 Mass. That was cutting it a little too close! Fr. Hayes said the Mass, and his homily could not have been more perfect. He spoke about how difficult it is to determine one’s vocation, but our God-given talents will eventually help us discern whatever it is we’re meant to do in life. Between internship applications, classes, and thinking about graduate schools, it just seems like reality is coming a little too quickly. I really needed to have that hour just to relax and reflect. So, thank you, Fr. Hayes.

Well, I’m now going off to Kimball to enjoy breakfast. Today has already started out well with enrollment; hopefully classes and all my activities today will run just as smoothly!

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