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November 14, 2008

November 14th, 2008 admin

Last night, Margaret and I went to see Pericles: The Prince
of Tyre. Ashley went with the other RAs in Wheeler because Jason Frank, a RA on
the second floor, was Pericles. Pericles is one of Shakespeare’s plays that
isn’t performed too often, so I really wanted to go (I have this goal to see
all of Shakespeare’s plays performed at least once). I was most certainly not
disappointed! Everything was spectacular. Professor Isser did a brilliant job
directing the play. In one particular scene, there are several suitors
competing in a triathlon for Thaisia’s hand. The Fenwick Theater is kind of
small, so staging such a scene is difficult. In order to adjust to the space,
the suitors were running and “swimming” in slow motion. I can’t really explain
it, but it was hilarious.

Today is already Friday, and that means two things. Firstly,
it’s payday! Secondly, it’s the weekend! The combination of money and free time
is dangerous. Margaret and I will probably go back to Providence and splurge a
little bit (just a little bit, though!). Anyway, this past week really flew.
Whenever Tuesday hits, life becomes a blender – everything goes by so quickly
that it’s difficult to discern one day from the other. But, for right now, I’m
just going to enjoy the weekend!  The invalid is doing somewhat better; Ashley is refusing to use
crutches, though. On Wednesday, I wouldn’t let her go out of the room until she
used the crutches. While I was walking to my 1:00 class, I saw that she had
discarded the crutches right by the side of Wheeler. I’ll admit that it was
funny. Okay, so it was hilarious. I just hope that her ankle will heal soon.

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