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November 12, 2008

November 12th, 2008 admin

Medieval Philosophy is evolving into a continuation of FYP. In FYP, all of our classes sought to answer Tolstoy’s question, “How then shall we live?” In Medieval Philosophy, we’re battling that same question. One of the students in my class actually posed that question verbatim. In the class, it’s not just analyzing the viewpoints of medieval philosophers; instead, we’re applying the same arguments made by Augustine, Aquinas, Echart et al to modern life. For example, yesterday, we dealt with the problem of evil and predestination. Of course, it didn’t help when Professor Manoussakis gave an example using cheesecake; I could only think about cheesecake for the next five minutes. Then I realized that there were far bigger issues to attend to than my cheesecake craving. Interestingly enough, the class has come to the conclusion that some of the medieval arguments are still valid in the modern era. I just love how the FYP theme didn’t end with my freshman year.

In other (less academic) news, Ashley sprained her ankle last night while playing volleyball. Well, we think and hope it’s just a sprain. She actually may have fractured it. So, in addition to being a roommate, I have morphed into a nurse as well. Let’s just say that I now know why I’m not a Pre-Med student!

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