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November 4, 2008

November 4th, 2008 admin

I’m not really sure why professors made papers due this
week. The campus is humming with election news from both sides. You can’t walk
anywhere without hearing “McCain” or “Obama.” Even the library isn’t quiet. I
actually had to leave tonight because some students became involved in a debate
two carrels down from me. So, while think it’s great that our campus is so
charged for the elections on both sides, I am beginning to wonder if it’s at
all possible to move Election Day to the first Saturday of November. Not only
would it help out college students, but more people might be able to get out
and vote! Or maybe I should’ve factored Election Day into my planning for this

Oh, yes, just a quick shout out. This morning at Kimball, we
played American History trivia to select jobs in honor of Election Day. My
fellow blogger, Melissa Browne, was the first one to guess the Lucetania when I
asked for the name of the ship that helped draw us into World War I.

I’m getting anxious simply because everything is due between
now and Thanksgiving. Research papers, term papers, exams, applications…it’s
all adding up. The odd thing is that I’m enjoying all of the work. Professor
Manoussakis loved my topic for my Philosophy research paper (The influence of
Augustine’s garden scenes on the structure of the Divine Comedy), and I’m
actually excited to write that paper. I’m currently writing on the absence of
compunctio in the Divine Comedy (I really cannot escape Dante!), and, again,
I’m loving it. I just wish that I was a tad more focused on writing the paper
than checking the election results every five minutes or so! So, while the work
is really piling up, I’m still loving it. I know that’s an odd thing to say,
but it is most certainly true.


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